Join Our Building Projects

You don’t have to fund a house to volunteer
on our building projects

Building Volunteer fees

1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks$1430.00
8 weeks$1580.00

Would you like to be involved in a house build?

*Please note:

House builds only start when there are enough volunteers and their combined fees make up the project costs.
Or when a house has been fully funded by a sponsor.

Builds/voluntary work will still go ahead with just one volunteer, but might include  building a toilet or helping in our warehouse.

What we organise for volunteers:

  • Your guesthouse accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Airport pick-up
  • 24-hour in-country support
  • Daily transport to and from the project site
  • Project orientation
  • Introduction to Siem Reap
  • Safe drinking water while on site