Building Toilets

Many rural Cambodian families do not have access to toilets and clean water causing serious health issues and in some cases death.

About 80 per cent of the Cambodian population lives in rural areas and UNICEF estimates only 16 per cent of them have access to adequate sanitation. A 2016 study by WaterAid found lack of sanitation also leads to stunted growth through multiple bouts of diarrhoea caused by drinking dirty water, often contaminated from open defecation. Stunted growth also restricts cognitive, emotional and social development.

When finances permit, VBC tries to construct toilets for families we build houses for. This simple facility increases sanitation, reduces health risks and increases dignity.

Costs for

Building Toilets


Our team must first check there is available land to install a toilet and that it is safe. We do not want to corrupt a clean water supply. If there is no available land on a site we talk to neighbours to see if a toilet can be put on adjacent land and shared by several families.

Most of us take good sanitation for granted but for many rural Cambodians it is a luxury they cannot afford. Please contact us to help improve lives and living standards of rural Cambodians.

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