VBC Story

Volunteer Building Cambodia (VBC) is a locally run, community-driven non-government organization dedicated to helping impoverished Cambodian families improve their living conditions.

Founded by Sinn MEANG in 2014, VBC operates in rural Siem Reap Province, providing housing, wells, solar systems, and toilet facilities to those in need.

VBC’s primary funding comes from volunteers who participate in building houses or toilets. Additionally, donations from those unable to volunteer are greatly appreciated.

In Cambodia, approximately 80% of the population lives in rural areas, where 85% lack adequate sanitation facilities and 35% do not have access to safe drinking water. Many families survive on just a few dollars a day. Owning a sturdy home can protect these families from the elements, allowing them to focus on earning an income and raising their children. Access to safe water sources and sanitation facilities improves their health, leading to increased productivity and happiness.

VBC conducts thorough assessments to ensure that those most in need receive assistance. Follow-up assessments are conducted at 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months after a family receives a house to monitor their progress.

Education is viewed by VBC as a crucial step out of poverty. Using funds raised through its building program, VBC established the VBC Community Centre (VBCCC), which offers free daily computer and English language classes to 200 enthusiastic students. Due to high demand, the center has a waiting list. The Cambodian public-school system is often inadequate, with students attending school for only half a day due to teacher and facility shortages. The VBCCC provides additional education for motivated students who live nearby. In the future, VBCCC aims to offer vocational and soft skills classes, as well as classes for parents.

VBCCC is proud to report that the majority of its students are female, a significant achievement in a rural area where female education has traditionally not been prioritized.

As of February 2020, VBC has built 320 houses, provided 102 wells, and installed 139 toilets. Many of these houses have been upgraded with solar panels, fans, and basic lighting.

By providing safe, secure housing, sanitation facilities, and education, VBC aims to break the cycle of poverty and support families on their journey to self-sufficiency.

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